Executive Summary

The Executive Summary of GROW Licking County Community Improvement Corporation's GROW LC 2025 plan focuses on the goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics of the plan.  Here, readers will be able to take a deeper dive in many of the measurable goals GROW Licking County CIC has set out as well as many of the comparables we regularly look at to ensure we remain competitive in the regional, national, and international marketplaces.

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General Economic Context and Outlook

This section of the GROW LC 2025 provides the baseline of analysis the plan is targeted against.  Readers will be able to review existing economic conditions, general benchmarking, as well as Statewid & National Trends. 

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Asset Inventory, Economic & Demographic Data

This section of the GROW LC 2025 plan highlights many of Licking County's key assessment for continued economic growth.  These assets include steady population growth, prime location within the growing Central Ohio marketplace, as well as general infrastructure analysis for future growth needs.

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SWOT Analysis

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Community Assessment

As part of our economic development plan creation, GROW Licking County's consultant, the Montrose Group, conducted a number of large group, small group, focus group, and individual meetings to prioritize the community's perspective on economic development.  Key topics that were discussed included:

  • Available workforce

  • Lack of skilled trades

  • Transportation

  • North/south routes needed to connect I-70 and SR-161 

  • Public transportation, not serving the needs of employers and low skilled workers

  • Too many organizations doing economic development in Licking County

  • Housing availability

  • Less poverty and more diversity moving forward

  • Product development is critical; need developable, job ready sites

  • Investment in broadband and sewer and water infrastructure in growing areas

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Site Development Opportunities

This brief chapter highlights a few of Licking County's key assets for site development.

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To explore many of the available sites within Licking County, be sure to check out GROW Licking County's Property Search Tool or GROW's Featured Properties.

Acknowledgment and Thank You

This plan was funded by generous grants through the Defense Manufacturing Assistance Program, locally managed by the Ohio Manufacturing Institute (OMI) at Ohio State University as well as a 2016 Local Economic Advancement Program (LEAP) through AEP Ohio.


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