Workforce & Training Resources

Licking County’s workforce is stable, diverse, talented and highly motivated. The more than 1 million workers in the MSA represent a wide range of skills and backgrounds from military personnel and doctors, to blue-collar manufacturing workers, white-collar professionals and artisans. Businesses in Licking County are able to fill positions at every skill level in every industry.


Education infrastructure

There is no shortage of nationally-recognized, cutting-edge training and development programs available on an ongoing basis in Licking County. These programs are offered through the Career and Technology Education Center of Licking County (C-TEC), Central Ohio Technical College (COTC), Ohio State University – Newark Campus (OSU-N) and Denison University. The C-TEC Edge Manufacturing Certification Program, developed in partnership with 20 Licking County manufacturing firms to provide targeted training for a variety of manufacturing positions, is just one example of how these development partners are able to create unique, customized training partnerships for your company’s production needs and help your business recruit, retain, and develop employees with high-value technical skills, multiple professional certifications, and 4-year degrees.

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planning for the future

Licking County is committed to taking an active role in workforce retention & development. Multiple programs and initiatives are being championed through the efforts of cross-organizational partnerships and collaboration.

Project prepare

Project Prepare is a two-phase initiative developed to encourage interest in skilled trades and manufacturing among all age groups from high school students to employed adults. This proactive approach has been in development since early 2015 and continues to gain momentum and support from local schools and businesses within the Licking County community.

Phase I focuses on educating high school students and their parents about the rewarding opportunities offered by careers in STEM-related fields. One of the greatest challenges to getting new entrants into the skilled-trades is the negative connotations that have traditionally surrounded them. By reaching out at such an important transitional stage in their lives, it creates the opportunity to be a part of the conversation and change the narrative that has stunted the interest in these career options nationwide. Through guided tours, interviews with industry leaders, and multi-media presentations, Project Prepare is able to demonstrate the “new” face of manufacturing as a financially and intellectually gratifying career.



Phase II is a targeted approach towards adult learners seeking to expand their career options and complement existing training they may have. Mentorship and in-class programs are currently being developed with the aid of local businesses interested in participating in the program. Additionally, to address financial issues faced by Licking County adults seeking such training, the Workforce Development Fund has been created with the assistance of the Licking County Foundation. Funds are received from local businesses committed to actively addressing future workforce concerns shared by the entire business community.



Licking County is proud to be part of the Columbus Region and regularly partners with the team at Columbus 2020 to identify workforce development opportunities and strategies for major employers.  To learn more about the region's workforce or visit Columbus 2020's relocation guide by clicking the image below.

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